MagModz Review

Review time, yay! Here is the video review, followed by the written one:

One of the most popular toys out there is the toy car. With that popularity, you would have thought that everything possible would have already been made for them. But think again. These are MagModz, toy cars split into pieces with magnetic endings. Every magnetic piece is 100% interchangeable, creating tons of customization options. Create your own custom car designs by mixing and matching the various sections.

Right now there are three colors: red, yellow, and black. There are also three different types of cars, which are the Snub ‘N Wagon, Haul ‘N ItUp, and Doozi ‘N Back. Change the pieces around and the name of the vehicle changes as well! Also available are the Trick ‘N Trade limo sets, which will make your car longer; perhaps as long as a limo or even longer!

For example, to this car I am attaching a limo section, an extended cab for some leg room, and finally I am giving this ride some extra horse power with the cool engine section.


Because they are magnets, they have many bonus features. They work well as fridge magnets or toys to put on a tool box. The tin packaging is also magnetic, so it is a good location to place pieces on.  Finally, they provide a fun way to learn colors and color coordination.  Magnetism, counting, and creating different measurable lengths are just a few of the educational aspects this toy can provide to a child.

The regular cars go for $10 each, and the Trick ‘N Trade LIMO sets go for $5 each. This makes them decent in price when comparing them to other toy cars.

I do really like the toy, although at the time since it is quite new it does not have that many choices. Hopefully as time goes on there will be a wider selection to choose from. One thing I would really like to see is the addition of modern cars to the range of models. You can make the cars quite long, but they do have their limits. This really does not hinder play in any way though, so these toys were really a blast. By looking at these toys you can tell lots of hard work was put into making them.

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Zeenie Dollz Review

After quite a break, I announce my next review, Zeenie Dollz! Truthfully, I had another review planned out, but I already had everything filmed for this review, so I decided I might as well just finish it. Here is the video, and don’t forget to check out the written review below!

First I looked at the individual doll I got, whose name is Lina. Lina herself is made of recyclable materials and comes with a fashionable brush to style her hair, a luggage tag, a colorful bracelet, her ocelot friend Abby and a doll stand. Overall the doll is very pretty and nicely made, as some nice details are her green freckles and safari styled jacket. I also loved her curly blond hair. Concerning the movement of the doll, it is very diverse, and has many joints that allow the doll to be moved into almost any position. Overall I was very happy with Lina.
Then, looking at the series as a whole, the series includes five other similar dolls, all of whom specialize in a different section of preserving the environment. All of them maintain the same amount of quality as Lina, even though each one of them costs $50. Some little gaffs I noticed were that the glass eyes may be prone to break, and the hair is not a soft as I would have liked. But for a doll of this caliber, $50 is not a bad price. Any doll collector will definitely enjoy these dolls if they know how to take good care of them.
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Exciting Happenings: Denote, New Features, and More!

Hello all! It has been a while since any updates and such. This is due to my very busy schedule. But right now I have some free time so I decided to write about everything that has been going on lately.

If you have a keen eye, you may have noticed an interesting feature I have added onto the blog. To find it,  simply click on the search bar and type in any word. Then, magically many search results appear best fit to the word you just typed in! And if you click enter, other results will pop up into a neat little box. Nifty, right? This cool engine is called Denote, and I have just started using it and currently loving it! When you get an account, there is so much more you can do to customize your engine, so the possibilities are endless! To find out more, go to the Denote search engine website here.

Next up is the new features, or more precisely (not counting Denote), new feature. This would be, if you scrolled down to the bottom of the page, a new section called “Connect”. Under the title, is a Facebook icon. This will allow you to easily access this blog’s Facebook page. Hopefully soon I will add others, like a YouTube icon, and perhaps even more in the future.

Last but not least is the updates on the toy reviews. Recently I have gotten some more items to review, so look forward to that. Hopefully if I have time soon, we can finally see some toy review action!

Thank you, and remember, Stay Sweet!

Happy Halloween! And Updates!

First off, I would like to wish all of my readers on the blog a happy Halloween! I hope your night is filled with lots of treats! As for an update, I am currently in the process of a review, but it may be a while until it is complete. I have been very busy with school work, and apologize for my lack of updates. I guess, as a little treat for everyone, I will reveal my next few reviews! My upcoming review will be on WetGiggles Soap. So cute! Then it will be a cool puzzle game, and then a Sweet Toy Reviews first, an app game! I am loaded with awesome reviews coming your way, so stay sweet!